48 star flag

"...A fifty-year-old baby rocker situated atop an eight-foot-tall carved-out closet; a Maine black bear, from the region in which the homeowner was raised, mounted in 1939; a grandfather's boating trophies; skookum dolls; vintage sock monkeys; or a Pennsylvania-pine bookshelf topped by Hawaiian rattan lamp from the early 1940's.  The possibilities of fusing cultures and time periods are unending."

-Molly English, Camps and Cottages

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Framed US 48 star flag, framed size 34" by 48"

48 Star Flag

Framed 48 star American flag

Framed California state flag

Custom framed vintage 2' x 3' California flag

Vintage Leather Bags

Vintage leather bag, lots of character.

Vintage pine trough

Vintage pine trough use to display greenery/p>

Vintage wooden box

Vintage wooden box

African drum

African leather basket/drum

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