48 star flag

"...A fifty-year-old baby rocker situated atop an eight-foot-tall carved-out closet; a Maine black bear, from the region in which the homeowner was raised, mounted in 1939; a grandfather's boating trophies; skookum dolls; vintage sock monkeys; or a Pennsylvania-pine bookshelf topped by Hawaiian rattan lamp from the early 1940's.  The possibilities of fusing cultures and time periods are unending."

-Molly English, Camps and Cottages

The items shown here can be found in our retail store. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Framed US 48 star flag, framed size 34" by 48"

Vintage California flag

Vintage 2' by 3' custom framed California flag, size framed 38" high by 50" wide

Vintage Theater Canvas

Very large vintage canvas banner featuring a majestic stag. 5' wide by 7' high, used as a theatre curtain for the Goldminers in Georgetown, Colorado.

Vintage pottery

Vintage pottery

Vintage jars

Enamelware jug

Antique Packard Toolbox

Vintage 1930's Packard tool box with original Packard seal

Vintage Navajo rug

Vintage framed Navajo rug with browns, tans and cream colors, 64" long by 42" high

Vintage Navajo rug

Vintage framed Navajo rug with reds, browns, grays, and tan colors, 72" long by 44" high

1950's Crew Shirts

Set of six circa 1950's Crew shirts for Crew meet. Sold as a set only. Schools represented: 1) Navy; 2) Stanford; 3) Oregon State; 4) San Diego State; 5) Santa Clara; 6) St. Mary's

Leather covered deer

The deer is wood covered in leather and measures 32" long by 42" high by 12" wide.

African drum

African leather basket/drum

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