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Slip covered chairs by Lee

Pair of slip covered chairs by Lee Industries.

Vintage Quilt

Vintage quilts

Vintage Quilts

Vintage quilts

Cotton Flannel Throws

Cotton flannel throws from Austria, 55" x 80"

Slip covered chairs by Lee

Embroidered pocket pillow

Slip covered chairs by Lee

Embroidered pocket pillow

Slip covered chairs by Lee

Embroidered pocket pillow

Vintage California Republic Flag

Framed vintage California flag 3' by 4' in handcrated frame, total size with frame 48" high by 68" wide

California Parade Flag

Vintage California parade flag

Vintage California Republic Flag

Vintage California flag, 2' x 3'.

Vintage leather duffle bag

Large leather vintage duffle.

Vintage bottles

Vintage bottles

1920s cupboard

Original cupboard from east coast circa 1900's or earlier.

Painting by Mary Kramer

Original vintage oil paintings.

Original vintage oil paintings

Original vintage oil paintings.

U.S. Postal Service history

U.S. Postmaster Amos Kendall, in a May 1,1837, “Order of the Postmaster General,” directed that the official seal of the Post Office Department portray “a Post Horse in speed, with mail-bags and rider.” This was the seal for 133 years until it was changed to its current look nearly 50 years ago. This unique piece of history is 44.5 inches in diameter in a custom made frame.


Delicious candles including Spring Bouquet and Orange Blossom.

Hemp linen placemats

Hemp linen placemats

Camp pillow

"Camp" pillow, 13" x 20"

Ticking pillow

Vintage ticking pillow

Shorebirds pillow

"Shorebirds" pillow, 16" x 24"

French folding chairs

Colorful folding chairs and stool from France

French folding chairs

French folding chairs

French espadrilles

Espadrilles from France

Utility Canvas

New Utility Canvas throws and bags in fresh Spring colors.

Big Sur throws by Cyuchi

Big Sur throws by Coyuchi

Vintage plein air paintings

Pair of vintage plein air paintings

Vintage painting by artist Harry Smith

Vintage plein air painting by artist Harry Smith

Vitnage plein air painting

Vitnage plein air painting done with palette knife

Artist W.J. Straight 1910

Seascape by listed artist W.J. Straight, circa 1910.

Artist W.J. Straight 1910

Vintage oil painting.

Strong Box

Vintage New England strong box

Wicker Chest

Vintage wicker trunk, 30' wide, by 16" deep, by 21" high

Coffee Table

Blue cabinet hand crafted by Steve Reed. 43.5"W x 24"D x 55.5"H

Vintage Cottages book

by Molly Hyde English

Now in paperback
Stop by the store and pick up your copy today!

Happy Camper!

Happy campers Emma and Lilly, ready for 2014!

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